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Blake B. Shelley is a life coach, author, motivational speaker, TikTok influencer, and expert on overcoming challenges and achieving success through planning and self-reflection. Despite living with Cerebral Palsy, Blake lives life with passion and identifies opportunities to improve the quality of life for others.

At the age of six months, Blake was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) due to a lack of oxygen at birth. The Mayo Clinic defines Cerebral Palsy as a disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture caused by an insult to the immature, developing brain, most often before birth. CP has made everyday tasks (ADLs) such as eating, walking, and typing extremely difficult. However, it has also taught him how to persevere without being defined by a disability. His parents and support system ingrained in Blake to never give up on his goals.

Aside from a very encouraging support system, Blake found strength through his faith in Jesus Christ. Although he attended church from a young age, Blake did not start taking his faith seriously until high school, when he began attending youth group and Young Life regularly. In Young Life and the church, Blake found support beyond his family and many therapists that encouraged him to live life to the fullest. His involvement with Young Life provided a solid group of friends, which encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone and try things, such as being on the track team.

This new confidence Blake found through his faith, family, and friends enabled him to attend George Fox University (Newberg, OR.) on a scholarship through the Act Six Leadership Initiative (founded by Northwest Leadership Foundation and the Portland Leadership Foundation), and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries. During his time at George Fox, the university ranked number 134 on Forbes’ “America’s Best Colleges” list and was named the top-ranked Christian college in the northwest. Through Blake’s studies and experiences at George Fox, he developed a heart for the disability community in the Portland metro area and eventually worldwide.

Since graduating from George Fox, Blake has devoted his time and resources to improving the quality of life of others, particularly those impacted by disability, as well as educating the public about physical and emotional hurdles young entrepreneurs face. He has pursued this through serving for over a decade as the director of Capernaum in Portland, OR, and regional training specialist for Young Life. Blake has also used his experience to promote disability awareness in public schools, mentorship, disability advocacy, and educating the general public through speaking engagements. 

In 2017 and 2018, Blake authored and released his three books entitled Breaking Chains: The 6 Links of Turning Bondage into Tools of FreedomBreaking Chains: The Freedom Journal, and 99 Motivational Quotes to Breaking Your Chains. Recently Blake has taken steps to further his impact by becoming a certified life coach through the Center for Christian Coaching, an ICF-accredited program. Using these experiences as a foundation, Blake is now bringing his message of Breaking Chains to those seeking transformation and success in their personal and professional lives through individualized life coaching.

As a social media influencer, Blake can be found spreading encouragement on TikTok and Instagram!

Blake is also the founder of the Breaking Chains Foundation, which provides motivational resources to underserved demographics. In the fall of 2022, BCF launched an initiative to offer coaching services to people with disabilities and college students at a significantly reduced cost.

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