3 Reasons Friendships Change Over Time and How To Deal With It

Friendships change as you grow older, mature, and experience new things. They become different from what they once were. It’s a natural stage of every relationship; friends grow apart, gain new interests and hobbies, and have other priorities in life. If you are currently struggling with your friend group going through changes or if it has already happened and you don’t know how to deal with it, this article is for you! Below are some reasons why friendships change over time and how to deal with it.

You drift apart

Friendships often start with a common interest or a common hobby. The more you indulge in it, the stronger your bond becomes and the need to spend more time with each other increases. However, as time passes, you will find that your interests change and you start to follow new paths in life. You will also find that your priorities change as you grow older and you have less time and energy to indulge in those hobbies and passions you once shared with your friends. This is one of the common reasons why friendships change over time. You and your friends might have had a lot in common when you first met, but as you get older and have different priorities, you might find that you have less and less in common. You will have different hobbies, different goals and dreams in life, and those new interests will take a lot of your time.

It’s not easy to accept, but people change

Friendships change because people change. This might be hard to accept, but let’s face it, we are all human and we do change over time. We all go through different experiences in life, we gain new knowledge and skills and this changes us. You might have had different experiences in life. You might have gone through a breakup or a death in the family or moved to a new city. All these experiences will change you and you might find yourself in a very different place than your friends are in. Friendships usually fade away because people change and they don’t stay the same. You might have a friend who you have been best friends with for a really long time, but then you have a falling out and the friendship ends. This is because you have changed and your friend has changed as well. You might have different priorities, different ambitions, or different ways of looking at the world. These changes might lead to arguments and upsets and push you and your friend apart.

You gain new friends along the way

Another thing that can happen is that you gain new friends as you do new things. This can happen when you go to a new school or start a new job. You will meet new people, people with whom you can bond and forge friendships. This might lead to your old friends feeling like they are being replaced or pushed out of your life by the new friends that you make. This is why you have to be careful while making new friends. You might be making new friends because you want to expand your social circle or because you are bored with spending all your time with your old friends.

The silver lining: it makes you realize who your real friends are

When friendships change and drift apart, it makes you realize which friends are true friends and which ones are not. You will also realize that not all friendships last forever. This is a good thing because it teaches you to let go of people in your life who bring you down and drain you. It also makes you more careful about who you let into your life because you know that not all friendships last forever. It makes you more conscious about the people who are close to you and makes you value them more. If you are currently dealing with a change in your friend group, don’t worry! This is a normal part of life and it happens to everyone. There are ways that you can try to deal with it. You can try to make new friends and expand your social circle. You can also try to make more time for the old friends in your life, instead of pushing them out. All you need to do is be patient and understanding when you are going through a change in friendship.

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